EFP/CEFP Prep Course & Exam


The Educational Facilities Professional (EFP) credential is designed for the entry-level professional with up to five years' experience. The Certified Educational Facilities Professional (CEFP) credential is intended for both aspiring and existing senior-level professionals with five or more years of experience. Preparatory instruction for both examinations will be offered during the one-day prep course on Wednesday (September 24th) to help participants understand the content and ready themselves for the examination. Proctored EFP and CEFP exams will be offered Thursday morning (September 25th).

Credentialing for EducationalFacilities Professionals
The APPA Credentialing Program allows you and your institution to demonstrate an internationally accepted, requisite level of knowledge and understanding of the educational facilities field.

What APPA's Credentialing Program Accomplishes...

Allows educational facilities professionals to demonstrate a career commitment to ongoing professional development and continuous improvement.
Expands professional knowledge and industry understanding among educational facilities professionals.
Acknowledges educational facilities professionals for mastering an internationally recognized and requisite knowledge level of the educational facilities field.


Demonstrates that the campus facilities organization is comprised of qualified, competent, and learned professionals.
Supports succession planning and maintenance of quality facilities practices on campus.
Provides an incentive for recruitment and retention.
Advances the stewardship of the institution's facilities investment.

The prep course will be offered Wednesday, September 24th.  The exam will be held Thursday, September 25th. 

To add this program to your ERAPPA 2014 agenda, please register for the prep course and the exam through the APPA Credentialing website